Elevating Solar School's Online Presence

Solar School, a pioneering education platform launched by a prominent player in the solar industry, is dedicated to training solar sales representatives and businesses on advanced sales techniques to close more deals and scale their ventures. Positioned as the Harvard of solar education, Solar School offers a comprehensive curriculum for individuals entering the solar industry and professionals aiming to elevate their skills. The platform's mission extends beyond traditional training, aspiring to create industry leaders adept at navigating the dynamic solar landscape. With courses led by seasoned professionals, a forward-thinking curriculum, and a commitment to holistic career development, Solar School aims to shape the future of solar energy by nurturing skilled, ethical, and well-rounded professionals poised for success in the evolving solar market.

 The client seeks a modern, clean, and professional website design.


  1. Rebranding: Developing a new identity for Solar School distinct from Solar CEOs.
  2. Design Inspiration: Emulating the clean, simple, and modern design of a website that the client liked while incorporating relevant content from solarceos.com.


In revamping Solar School’s website, the hero section draws inspiration from dan.com, employing a clean and minimalistic design with a wavy blend for a seamless transition. The incorporation of sketch art and minimal color, echoing the art style on dan.com, adds a touch of creativity, while button colors are harmonized for consistency. The subsequent sections, including the three icons, “What is Solar School?” with three sketch art bullet points, and “Who It’s For?” maintain a modern feel by borrowing layout and styling from relevant sections on dan.com. The “How It Works” section seamlessly blends content from solarceos.com and consulting.com/quantum, enhancing the design’s visual appeal and informativeness.

Further, sections such as the "Money Back Guarantee," "Who Is Zain," "Better Earth," and "What Our Customers Are Saying" emulate the structure and aesthetics of corresponding sections on solarceos.com while introducing refinements for a sleek and minimalistic appearance. The email opt-in and footer section follow the design style of the bottom section on dan.com, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing user experience. This redesign not only aligns Solar School with contemporary design trends but also emphasizes clarity and engagement for website visitors.

Results: The redesigned Solar School website successfully integrates the clean and modern design elements inspired by dan.com while incorporating relevant content from solarceos.com. The site now presents Solar School as a distinct and professional platform, focusing on delivering valuable education for solar sales representatives.

Future Recommendations: Continuous updates and improvements can be made based on user feedback and changing design trends. Regularly adding fresh content and testimonials will ensure the site remains dynamic and continues to attract and engage its target audience.

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Solar School


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February 18, 2023